Kyosuke's King of Fighters Tv Review

Rated: 6

-KOF94-95: 3vs3 Team battles, with a gameplay more simple than other SNK titles, with the incursion of a lot of characters from FF and AOF. Though the system felt weird in the beginning, it was fun and easy to play (though the Desperation Moves are hard to execute).

-KOF96-98: still using the Team battle system, but now with a lot of changes that made the gameplay faster and more aggressive (short jumps, rolls, Super Desperation Moves, different modes (ADV and EXTRA), etc). IMO the best "age" of the saga.

-KOF99-2k1: now you have a 4 members Team system, and the addition of the Strikers. Being 2k a big exception, this was the worst KOF "age", because of the balance issues, some bad-implemented sub-systems (Counter and Armor), etc.

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Kyosuke's Ai Yori Aoshi Tv Review

Rated: 8

HM... I'd lie if I say this show shines because of its originality. Let's just say AYA is like taking lots of elements from other romance animes, mixing them with an excellent chara design, voice acting and a regular OST.

Having that in mind, I watched it and it hooked me to the end. Some episodes tend to be not interesting (when the "mascot" appear, for example), other ones simply make you feel really sad (like Kaoru's flashbacks), but overall I think I had a good time with it. A lot of eye-candy abuse, though...

Humor is decent... seeing Tina teasing Taeko and trying to touch everyone's breasts is so funny (specially when she tried to touch Miyabi-san's).

As a conclusion, Ai Yori Aoshi can generate a lot of opinions, due to each person's criteria.

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